Trypton Media has three major installation works.
All of these can be mixed and varied depending on the event.

Real-Time Fractal Generation
Live Optical Feedback Performance in Real-time wth display
Interactive Installations
Live Performer and/or Audience Based Reactive Display
Immersive Environments
Environmental coverage using 35mm Fractal Slides
Real time trypton

Let’s start with the basics. Televisions, video cameras, video processing gear, etc. Remember, we do our show completely live with no presourced material). All these units are piled into one ‘Chaos Lab’. This is where we make some of the most intricate of ‘real-time’ fractals. Simply by manipulating cameras and various knobs in the Chaos Lab we can create some pretty weird effects. These images then get projected onto a wide variety of surfaces, but mostly white walls or large, white lycra screens.

Depending on the event, these visuals can be displayed creatively to give immersive environmental effects. This provides a great setting to dance among constantly moving fractal imagery that is synchronized to the music being played.

Enhance DJ or Live PA performances with an audio synched, real-time, fractal backdrop. This kind of effect is done front or rear projection depending on space available and desired effect.

Portal Trypton

This is probably the most popular, and the most challenging, of our installations. The Interactive Installation starts with a large screen (usually 16’x9’) with a large platform for people to get up and dance on (platform and screen size may vary depending on size of event and location). Our 'Chaos lab', usually perpendicular to the screen, involves many pieces of processing gear and custom built robotic camera mounts that create, in real-time, a moving, spiraling vortex that is reactive to the dancing and interaction on the platform, including light sources such as LED Hulahoops and LED Poi.

We also have the capability to use live source cameras and keying effects to integrate the DJ and/or MC into the interactive visuals in real time. Adding the DJ into the visual mix has proven to be a fantastic effect.

We can guarantee your audience will have a unique, once in a lifetime experience at your event. Every one of our shows is different and we like it that way.

Slideshow Trypton

Our fractal slide show includes hundreds of unique fractal based slides that we have sourced from recordings from our live shows. This incorporates several matching displays using Ektographic slide projectors and dissolve units that give the effect of a subtly changing abstract environment. For example, We have used several mesh screens in layers to give a holographic effect on a walkway or entrance to an event. This application can be used in a wide variety of ways from deco reinforcement to a stand alone installation.

Tryptonmedia is now capable of turning your high resolution digital art into 35mm slides for a larger and brighter display. While keeping your original art from getting damaged, lost, or just unseen.


Please email us with some details about your event, i.e. capacity, location, and duration,
Together we will come up with a viable option for your budget needs.