Video and Optical Feedback

It is the mandate of Trypton Media to re-purpose the video medium as an interactive psychedelic experience. It is the understanding of its principal artists that the video medium has the potential to express the most abstract laws of the universe. These same perceptions can be attained through other paths, yet we at Trypton have chosen the television itself as our ally in attaining and expressing these experiences. The recursive dynamic, or feedback, is the basis of all fractal function in quantum physics. The inherent relationship created by pointing a camera at a TV is the basis of our work. The key to having an audience understand these extremely complicated abstract concepts is not to communicate with words, but with light, in a live interactive demonstration.

An audio synchronized demonstration of fractal geometry created entirely in real time, with analog gear. The artist points a camera at a TV which shows what the camera sees. Using mirrors, kaleidoscopes, lasers, props, and strange sci-fi gizmos, the artist interprets the music with which they are collaborating. By manually beat-matching effects, colours, and transformations within the fractal imagery we can immerse the audience in a synchronistic environment. This is a visual stimulus on par with the powerful abstract rhythms of today's music.

As our understanding of feedback becomes clear we advance our own relationship with the medium. Our interactions with it have become very intimate. The feedback loop between artist and medium has been closed with the audience watching from the outside. The latest developments in the display of the work involve incorporating the audience into this loop. This allows individual audience members to have their own intimate relationship with the experience. Instead of a TV, the artist points the camera at a projection screen creating a feedback loop between them. The "Interactive Dance Portal", or "Light Portal", appears as a swirling vortex inviting individuals to play within it. The range of effects and the constant variation of individuals ensure a unique sensory experience for every performance. This installation has been unparalleled as a visual element in a dance party environment.

The Artists

Grady And Roslin are not your average V.J.'s. They work entirely live, without computers, using antiquated analog gear. This provides a synchronistic, intuitive feel to their video abstractions that seem almost alive as they pulse and shift with the rhythms of the music. The artwork itself reflects many culturally significant concepts, including sacred geometry, physics, audience interactivity, electro-tribalism, and the psychedelic experience.

As local pioneers of the interactive optical-feedback installation "The Light Portal", TryptonMedia have thrilled countless events by providing a conduit for the audience to interact with the visuals and truly become part of the performance with dance, costumes and light toys. They have defined a unique style and aesthetic that creates a truly phenomenal experience for the audience.

Recent explorations have taken TryptonMedia further back in time, as they create optically morphing geometric environments by use of multiple 35mm slide projectors and dissolve units. This creates an incredibly immersive visual environment of mind bending geometry.

Whether performing live or creating an environment, TryptonMedia guarantees one thing: A truly unique and personal visual experience, delivered with intentional care and professional responsibility. Their many years of being a part of the west coast electronic dance music community has blessed them with the experience and knowledge to deliver on their reputation..... Tryppy.

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